1What is Ji’s goal in the dating world?
The goal of Ji is to dramatically increase the number of dates that come out of the current online dating space which mostly consists of matching and online chatter. Other dating apps promote long conversations but no dates. People chat back and forth (often for weeks!) but limited dates happen either because people can’t find mutual free time, mutual share interests, don’t want to pay or aren’t serious about dating. Ji encourages people to meet in person, by helping them to manage their schedules and be clear to potential date prospects when they’re free and what they would like to do. Ji helps you to ask more people out, to plan dates and helps you to actually meet with the people you’re interested in.
2Why the name Ji?
To us, Ji means ‘unity’. Ji is an emoji focused scheduling platform built to one day be universal to any language. By using emoji focused calendering, Ji brings people of all backgrounds together no matter their religion, colour, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Anyone can use Ji! As the word ‘Ji’ represents, the app is a private safe space for everyone and anyone to take part in scheduling dates.
3When will you be launching so I can download Ji and start dating?!
We are currently in private beta in Toronto, Canada. We will be launching the app for all of North America in October.
4Is Ji just for straight men and women or is it LGTB inclusive?
No! Ji was created to be a private but also open dating platform where everyone can schedule dates no matter what gender/sex/community you associate with, as long as you’re over the age of 18.
5How will Ji limit the number of fake profiles found on dating apps securing a safe space?
When you sign up for Ji, you sign up through your Facebook account. The app relies on information from your profile to ensure that you are an authentic person. By requiring a Facebook login, we work to make sure that the profiles on Ji are of real people.
6What is an Oji Key?
An Oji Key is a set of different emojis generated by Ji app. The Oji Key is the ‘code’ sent out to people you give permission to access your Ji dating calendar. It is created in terms of privacy so only people you would like to see your available dating schedule can view the proposed dates you set for that person.
7What are the numbers on the tiles in My Dates?
The numbers on what we refer to as “date tiles” are the number of people that have asked you out on that date. Once you have chosen which person suits you the most, you select them, they are notified and then you can choose date venues you may like to meet at.
8How much will it cost me to use Ji?
Ji is a free app allowing easy access to everyone!
9How is Ji different from any other dating app?
On most dating platforms, there is a lot of matching/endless chatting but very few dates come from these apps. Ji cuts down on the chatting and helps you experience real dates in person, getting rid of the tricky details such as choosing a day, time, place and the awkward question of how the date will be paid for.
10Is my calendar availability open for everyone to see?
Nope! By giving out Oji Keys, you choose who gets to see your calendar AND what dates you would like them to see. With the ease of generating an Oji Key (emoji based code associated with dates you want the other person to see), you copy and then paste Oji Keys to people you are chatting with on text messaging for example or have matched with on other “dating app” platforms and are interested in setting up a date with.
11Can I schedule dates with my boyfriend or is this app only exclusive to new dates?
Of course you can! Ji app is an emoji calendaring system, allowing anyone to schedule activities with anyone.
12Where can I download Ji?
Currently Ji is in private beta testing. However Ji is now live in both the Google Play and Apple Stores and is free to download! Should you wish to join our beta testing groups all we ask is that you provide us with feedback!
13Why does Ji use emojis?
Ji uses emojis throughout the app since they are fun, clear and easy. Everyone loves using emojis! Instead of having to write out the whole word ‘wine’ you can just put the emoji there and the app and your date prospects can understand what you are looking for.
14What if I no longer want someone I sent an Oji Key to view my calendar?
Ji allows users to have control over who sees certain parts of your available date schedule. You can customize certain dates to certain people by using the LOCK under connections. If you wish to block or delete someone, you also have that option under your connections.
15How can I create connections on Ji?
Once you have matched with someone on any other dating platform and would like to provide them with some dates you are available and interested in going on, you generate an Oji Key and send it to them - allowing them to enter the Oji Key (emoji based code) and gain access to your proposed dating schedule.
16How does Ji work?
When using Ji, you have to get connections yourself. It could be from Facebook, Tinder, Bumble or in person! Ji works by first you loading up your calendar as to when you’re free, what you want to do and even how the date will be paid (you pay, they pay, or split!). Then, on any platform, once you like someone, generate them an Oji Key for the dates you want to share with them and start dating!
17Can I go on multiple dates a day?
Yes, Ji allows you to go on as many dates as you would like per day/week. However, Ji sets an hour space for each date. Meaning, Ji does not allow someone to setup half hour back to back dates.
18Can other people see who I am going on dates with?
No, once you have confirmed a date with someone, it’s removed from your proposed dates to others. No one will know if you are dating multiple people at once.
19Why are there emojis I like using missing?
Ji has come up with the most relevant list of emojis that are connected to different activities and date ideas to ask people to join you on. We would love to hear from you if you have date relevant emojis we are missing!
20How do I report a user?
At Ji we value respect and dignity. If one of our users is behaving inappropriately you can report a user under Contact Us from the settings/profile page or email us directly at: contactus@jiapp.io
21Does deleting my Ji account erase all of my previous information?
Yes! Once you delete your account with Ji, then all of the previous information regarding dates and your personal schedule is deleted.
22Can people see who I’m going on dates with?
Nope! You load up your Ji App calendar based on options what you want to do and where in the city, then you give out private Oji Keys associated to a specific person you know or are matched with on another dating platform. The individual Oji Keys ensure only the people you have granted permission to can see certain availabilities.
23What does your profile on Ji consist of?
Since the people you choose to give Oji Keys to already know some basic information about you (whether from endlessly chatting on other “dating” platforms or from knowing you in person), Ji’s profile is limited. Ji doesn’t hassle you with a lot of questions such as other apps. We only ask for your Facebook login to verify you and then your profile consists of a photo of your choice, your name, age, city, five emojis to represent your interests and a short ‘about you’ blurb.
24Is the only type of communication on Ji, scheduling dates?
No! We also have a messaging component on Ji where you can carry on conversations with connections you have proposed dates to or with connections whom you have confirmed dates with.
25How is planning a date on Ji more efficient compared to other dating apps?
Ji cuts down on the endless back and forth chatting of choosing a mutually available location and time. Ji allows the efficient use of emojis to represent date ideas. For example, your date is interested in having a sushi date. They place a sushi emoji in their Ji calendar under proposed dates. They also select a time, and even choose whether they would like to be treated, treat you or split the bill! Instead of figuring this all out throughout a long conversation, Ji breaks it down into three easy steps for you to setup a date: 1. Load up your Ji calendar 2. Share your dates by sending Oji Keys 3. Confirm dates with the people you are most interested in and go on real dates!
26I am sick of boring coffee and dinner dates. Does Ji offer more?
Yes! Ji offers trendy coffee and dinner dates BUT Ji also offers more than just foodie dates. Ji provides activity dates such as golfing, ax throwing, visiting museums, fitness dates and dancing lessons, to name a limited few. Ji provides any activity that two people can do, whether it’s a couple or a friendship.
27How does Ji go against society and gender norms?
Ji means unity which means everyone is allowed and welcomed. Anyone can ask anyone out on a date by generating Oji Keys and doesn’t push certain groups of people or certain genders to make the first move. On Ji it doesn’t matter who asks you out, just go on a date already!
28Does Ji use GPS based location?
Nope! Ji is unlike other dating platforms. Ji does not let people know where you are. Ji let’s all other app focus on what they do, matching and profile searching in specific areas. Once you’re interested in actually dating someone you use Ji to clearly show your availability, what you’re interested in doing and in what areas of the city. You input the name of venue, neighbourhood or even specific address you would like to meet at but we do not use GPS to track you or your dates!
29Why was Ji created?
The CEO and founder, Erika Murray, a successful lawyer and engineer decided to create Ji as she got a taste of the online dating world. She found herself spending wasted hours on different apps, swiping through photos, answering messages and then going back and forth as to when and where both people were available to date. If she went on dates they would be such a hassle to coordinate when, where and who pays. Erika decided to create a platform where she could suggest and plan dates through a private platform which could integrate with her busy dating and work life. Through constant chatting she fell in love with using emojis and realized how efficient they would be to help people plan dates. Erika is excited to watch our society go on more and more dates and cut out the endless swiping and meaningless chatter!

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